No longer just a film featuring Mel Gibson

Medusa. Ink on Paper 2019.

This line is buried in Ashley Judd’s opinion piece on, following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. I read the statement several times, wishing it…

Where poets and science collide in the body

Lafayette CO. Photo by amy bobeda © 2020

Could menstruation and its observances in fact be experienced as empowering for women?” Social anthropologist Camilla Power writes, discussing the tradition of menstrual huts of Northern California’s Yurok people. I read this, while menstruating alone in my basement apartment, in the middle of quarantine, grieving the loss of blood —…

Worming our way into spring

The snow is melting, buds are blooming and after a devastating week for our hearts in Boulder, Wisdom Body Collective ushered in the Worm Moon tonight by finishing the layout for More Revolutionary Letters: A Tribute to Diane di Prima on Zoom.

C. M. Chady screen sharing her InDesign layout.

This week brought two surprise additions to our…

A Wisdom Body Series on the origin of our first book.

They may say don’t judge a book by its cover, but we all know we still do, so what does a small woman-run artist collective dedicated to process and the tangibility of matter do when designing their first chapbook?

Cover Draft Amy Bobeda 2021.

Our first collective book More Revolutionary Letters, was born out of the collective loss of poet, woman, activist, and Jack Kerouac School founding member Diane di Prima last fall.

The days after her death various Revolutionary Letters circulated the poetry community in honor of Diane calling attention to this collection…

Launch of More Revolutionary Letters

Under the snow moon, the last snow seeps into the dry earth of Eastern Colorado, while just yesterday Ada McCartney was planting trees and dancing around a fire thousands of miles away. Chloe Tsolakoglou likely enjoyed her plants amidst costal city noises. C. M. Chady and Emily Willow further to…

Encountering the Greek rites in “The Poet as Shaman”

Sometimes, it seems like everything is about drugs.

In her first lecture in the “Poet as Shaman” series from the 1970’s on the Naropa Archives, Anne Waldman briefly touches on the Rites of Eleusis, and the book Road to Eleusis by ethnomycologist Gordon Wasson.

Wasson‘s research in the realm of medicinal mushrooms brought him to the study of…

“It is not easy,” Thoreau writes, “to realize the serene joy of all the earth when the moon commences to shine unobstructedly, unless you have often been a traveller by night.”

Blood Wolf Moon 2019 featured in C.M. Chady’s Rejection essay

Snow melts and rain falls as the first moon of 2021 greets us today. The women of Wisdom Body…

A Wisdom Body Series on Rejection

Collages of the Body

The following marries “Collages of the Body” a piece I chose not to publish or submit for several months with present meditations on rejection. Time is irrelevant in nearly all things.

The ritual is in ruin, when the space is not held. We amass our own mal-intention; and ask, what is our role in our rejection?

My most recent rejection letter took less than 30 minutes to receive. It was a series of poems, fragments…

amy bobeda

poet. artist. theatre maker. JKS Naropa University MFA candidate. Founder of @WisdomBodyCollective, come join us.

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