No longer just a film featuring Mel Gibson

Medusa. Ink on Paper 2019.

We women want a pretty simple thing, one that society has made so hard and convoluted: to be free from discrimination based on sex.

Where poets and science collide in the body

Lafayette CO. Photo by amy bobeda © 2020

Worming our way into spring

C. M. Chady screen sharing her InDesign layout.

A Wisdom Body Series on the origin of our first book.

They may say don’t judge a book by its cover, but we all know we still do, so what does a small woman-run artist collective dedicated to process and the tangibility of matter do when designing their first chapbook?

Cover Draft Amy Bobeda 2021.

Launch of More Revolutionary Letters

snowman remnents Lafayette, CO.

Encountering the Greek rites in “The Poet as Shaman”

Sometimes, it seems like everything is about drugs.

Blood Wolf Moon 2019 featured in C.M. Chady’s Rejection essay

A Wisdom Body Series on Rejection

Collages of the Body

The ritual is in ruin, when the space is not held. We amass our own mal-intention; and ask, what is our role in our rejection?

amy bobeda

poet. artist. theatre maker. JKS Naropa University MFA candidate. Founder of @WisdomBodyCollective, come join us.

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